Thursday, November 13, 2008

The winner is....

#4, the New house!

This house is near the town pool, a large green area, minigolf, an OBI (think Home Depot) and soon a shopping center. You can bike to downtown Erlangen across the green space on a bike path.
Obviously this house (duplex) will be brand new. The owner live in the other half where she has a design business. If our landscaping looks like hers, it will be very nice. This house has 4 bedrooms. One is on the ground floor and will be used as a guest bedroom/office. It is supposed to be done by January. Let's cross our fingers!

Here is what the street looks like:

Here is the minigolf:

Here is the bike path heading toward Erlangen:

The town we will be in is called Alterlangen (Old Erlangen)


vicki said...

Congratulations! But, I thought it would be the penthouse, only because we live in a penthouse as do our American neighbors.

Blopper said...

We currently live in a single family home so changing to an apartment would be a big change!