Thursday, May 20, 2010

What we have here... a failure to communicate! This is what happens when you take two people who's native language is not German and have them communicate in German.

Today I went to the new Thai Take-out place down the street for lunch. One of their specials was "Nudeln Box To Go" and you can get that in Klein (small) or Groß (large).
So I said to the lady at the counter "Klein Noodle Box To Go"....and she said "blah blah blah Groß Nudeln Box To Go?" and I said "Klein". So they start cooking noodles/veggies/chicken and then they said 'Ein Bisschen mehr" as they start to cook a little more noodles...that is when I notice that they think I ordered 3 Noodle boxes to go! Argh! I would tell them, no, I only want one, but I did that the last time when they thought I ordered 2 of the special! I don't want them to hate me so I decide why not have noodles for dinner too!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Nuremberg Tiergarten

Another cloudy/drizzly day, but the start of a 4 day weekend so once again I felt the need to go outside. Hubby was working (in Johannesburg South Africa) so me and the girls compromised on going to the Zoo. Nearby in Nuremberg is the "Nuremberg Tiergarten" (Animal Garden).

Seepferdchen (Seahorse)

Delfin (Dolphin)

Hirsch (deer)

When Otter's attack!


The face made after the other one peed on it.

Look, ma, I have horns too!



Löffler (Spoonbill)


Schneeeule (Snow owl)

Schildkröten (Turtles)


weißköpfiger Seeadler (Bald Eagle)

Affe (Monkey)


Pinguin (Penguin)

Eisbär (Polar Bear)

Seehund (Seel)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hiking near Egloffstein

My friend "L" and I went for a hike on Friday in a town called Egloffstein. The hike near here claimed to have a "Rock Window" and also walk along the Cherry Trees.

We started down in the village but had to make to to the "Burg" (Castle) waaaay up there on the top.

Up up up the stairs!

Huff...puff...we made it!

At the top there is a little church:

Not too far is the Felsentor:

View from high above:

Then we started walking by the Cherry Blossoms:

...and the dandelion fields...

We veered into the woods...

The Snails are out...

and so are the flowers!

Finally back down the hill!