Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ruine Neideck

It was getting to be fall time here in Franconia and I was itching to get out and enjoy the autumnal splendor. I wanted to go on a hike but god-forbid I make my girls go on a I said How about we go on a "Photography Expedition". Our goal was "Ruine Neideck", an old castle ruin set picturesquely atop a hill...sort of the symbol of Franconian Switzerland. Don't tell them it was a hike. tells us:

The name „Neideck“ was first mentioned in 1219. It became the private property of King Konrad II of Schlüsselberg in 1312. After his death in 1347 the castle was in the possession of the bishops from 1348-1553. In 1553, after a voluntary handover of the castle, it was destroyed and
burnt down.

Here are some of the results of our photography.

Approaching the can see it on top of the hill in the center.

Which way???

Watch out for falling rocks!

Approaching the ruin from below.

View from the castle wall

Approaching the ruin...

I think this used to be one of those cross-shaped cut outs for them to shoot arrows through.

Fall leaves...


Amy said...

What a beautiful place - love your photos!

Frankonia said...

Your photos are brilliant.
And Konrad II von Schlüsselberg was "only" a count, not a king.