Thursday, January 22, 2009


The German Way tells us:

"If you are planning to buy or rent a German apartment, be aware that it usually comes with a “bare” kitchen. “Bare” is indeed the right word. Your new kitchen may be nothing more than four bare walls with roughed-in plumbing and electrical connections—even the kitchen sink may be missing!"

Fortunately for us the landlord was completely updating our half of the duplex, so she offered to put in a kitchen (for a higher monthly rent). That sounded good to us! Who wants to deal with buying and then selling a kitchen?


vicki said...

We arrived in Erlangen a month before our container and thought we could have our kitchen installed before we unpacked. It took 10 weeks for our kitchen to arrive, so for 6 weeks our "kitchen" was a storage room for unpacked boxes.

It is very nice of your landlord to order the kitchen for you, especially since it wasn't so easy to find a salesperson that could speak English.

Blopper said...

Wow! that must have been a pain.