Monday, May 25, 2009

Christi Himmelfahrt

May 21 was "Christi Himmelfahrt"...Literally translated means Christ's Sky Drive, or better known as "The Ascension" (after Jesus was resurrected and then he went up to Heaven). I was determined that me and the girls would Get Outside and do something Outdoorsy. I got an idea from the school Newsletter.

We went to Pottenstein in the "Franconian Switzerland" area and visited two places: Sommerrodelbahn and the Teufelhöhle cave.

On our way out we saw a steam engine which apparently is run on Sundays and Holidays.

Hallo, Leute! (Hello, people!)

Even cooler with the Neideck Castle (I think) ruins in the back ground.

We drive by Tüchersfeld ...

Burg Pottenstein:
And finally arrive at our first destination, Sommerrodelbahn... the Summer Toboggan.

(aside to NJ Natives: remember Action Park? Remember the Alpine Slide (of death)? Same thing, but without the drunk New Yorkers).
There are two rides: one is more like a toboggan on wheels, and the other is more like a roller coaster car. You are in control of the brakes so you go as fast or as slow as you want (or as fast as the person in front of you)
This is the "roller coaster" ride.
The information I had said that the cave was in walking distance, but it took us a while to figure out which direction to go in. We finally found a nice walking path that went past the lake...
and the baby ducks...
and more baby ducks (who can resist!)
But we found Teufelshöhle (Devil's Hole).
(Aside to Mets fans...this means Tim Teufel was really Tim Devil. Who knew?)
The cave entrance:

Inside we took a group tour that was in German. All I could make out was Blah Blah Thousand Year Blah Blah. So evidently this cave is old...and has cool lighting.
All about Stalagmites
FYI: Stalactites go down from the Ceiling, Stalagmites go up from the Ground.
Cave Bears used to make this home...this was reconstructed out of the bones found in the cave.

Drippy-looking Stalactites:
"Curtain" stalactites:
When we emerge from the cave:

On the way back we passed through Gößweinstein and saw another castle on a hill (Burg on a Berg) which typifies Germany: Old Castle with New Technology (Note the cell tower!)

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Amy said...

(I think I messed up my previous attempt; I hope this isn't a duplicate.)

This was another great update with lots of wonderful photos. I love travelling vicariously with you! :-)

Amy McNulty