Thursday, May 7, 2009

House Update

Beth asks: "So, how is your house coming along?"

Fairly well!

Living Room:

Note that we had to put the sofa in on a diagonal as it would have blocked traffic otherwise.

The other end of the Living Room:

The younger one's room:

The window on the left is sort of a sky light. We still need to hang up her pictures.

Close up of "wall stickers" on the slanted wall.

The older one's room:

Some "spot" rugs she got:

Close up of art we got last year at her school's Art Auction...the colors go quite nicely with her room!

Master Bedroom:

We are told that the balcony (which would be accessed from the left of the bed) will start construction on Monday the 11th. The rest of the landscaping/yard/driveway is supposed to be done by the end of May.


NannyOgg said...


That looks awesome. Thanks for sharing,


Amy said...

I agree with NannyOgg; everything looks fantastic! I love all of those bright colors in the older girl's room. :-)
--Amy from Rkids

Beth said...

Looks comfy! But, how many times have you hit your head?

mathmom said...

I was wondering the same as Beth about sleeping under that slanted wall! I don't think I would be comfortable doing that!

Blopper said...

Actually, I am pretty good about not hitting my head.