Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Potatoes, anyone?

So I was working (sans laptop as it decided to die when I came back from vacation) and I hear the doorbell ring. Hmmm, who could that be? A little old lady in a flowered smock talking to me in German. "Ich spreche keine Deutsch!" (My attempt at "I don't speak any German") She looked at me incredulously. She continued on and said something about "kartoffel" (potatoes) and beckoned me to come out. What the heck, I said. I think at first I only caught the "kar" part and I was wondering if had something to do with my or her car? Nope! She was selling potatoes out of the back of her car. Since the girls are in North Germany and the hubby is away at training it is only me (Day 4 and counting) here at home, I do not have a great need for potatoes right now. I did see the neighbor bring out her potato bag and get some, though.

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Snooker said...

Nice, I wonder if she will come back?