Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summer plans

My Sister-in-law (SIL) is a teacher + loves to travel+ has a son who lives in Germany (in the U.S. Air Force) along with us, of course + summers off = A Grand Tour of Europe.

2 girls + no school + no camp + no job = sitting on Facebook all summer.

So as I pondered what the girl's would do this summer, along comes wonderful SIL who invites them on the trip along with her daughter.

They will visit:

  • Ireland

  • Trier, Germany where Nephew lives,

  • Hamburg, Germany (where SIL's former exchange student lives)

  • Berlin, Germany

  • Erlangen, Germany

  • London, England

I joined them in Ireland (with Hubby catching up with us) and we will also join them for part of London.

Of course for the past few days the girls are travleling and the hubby is travelling and I am here holding up the fort by myself. I am trying to teach Hubby that weekends are not for working.
Sneak Preview of Ireland:

Did you know there are about 4 million people in Ireland and about 3.2 million sheep?


Beth said...

The castle ruins in the right background look a lot like the ruins that belong to a friend of mine's family. Do you know the name?

Blopper said...

If you mean that tower thing in the middle, then I think that is the Bell Tower on the Hill of Slane. If it isn't, then google Hill of Slane and castle ruins and see what you come up with.