Saturday, September 26, 2009

Things I saw on a bicycle ride

I got a bicycle path map from the Erlangen Tourist office (yes we have a tourist office) and I decided to go on one of the paths. Erlangen is extremely bicycle friendly. As I was riding along the path all of a sudden we need to go up!

This is basically stairs for a bike!

Am I in Germany or the Carribean?

Germany is having an election in a couple of days.

In the U.S., a typical election sign might look like this:

The goals seems to put the names in the largest letters possible so you will see the name and remember it.
In Germany a typical election sign looks like this:
The picture is the biggest thing, and then their name is at the bottom.
They also have their parties on the sign, in the case below, "CSU". I still think that looks like a logo for an energy company or something!

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Beth said...

Hi. The conical cabbage appears in the Culinaria: Germany cookbook. But, what is that fractal member of the cauliflower family? Did you try it?