Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Strange "health" things

Germany has some health-related things that are new to me!
You can find Sauerkraut juice at the supermarket...evidently it can be used for "cleansing" or a hangover cure.

or while hiking along the other day we ran into a "Kneip". I thought it was a kiddy pool, and I was told that is was not. It's a pool with cold water (I think this one is fed from a stream) where you march around, holding onto the railing in the middle. It is supposed to be good for circulation, which Germans are very concerned about.

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Cate said...

I love the 'circulation' issue...on some (German)husband gets his nose clogged up from sleeping with a fan on, but will sleep with the window open with 25 degree F. temps outside...I don't get it! BUT I love him lol Different cultures...