Saturday, October 3, 2009


O.M.G....I think the German's really do love David Hasselhof!
Spotted at the Kirwa (church fair) in Fürth today....

Wikipedia says:
"While his star rose, fell and rose again in the US, Hasselhoff's popularity remained a little longer in Europe during the end of the 80s. Hasselhoff had one number-one hit in the German pop charts in 1989 ("Looking for Freedom"), which very much resonated with the fall of the Berlin Wall at that time, and two more top-ten hits in 1989 and 1993."

or maybe they just love the 80's...this image was found on the same ride at the fair. Alf. In lights. Why? And there was the A-team too, and Kindergarten cop.

Greetings from the Kirchweih!

Also, the German's really like recycling. When you buy a ticket for a ride, you get a token instead of a paper ticket.
The Fürth Maypole.
A statue.

Seems like we go to alot of these fairs...but I was determined to get the kids outside today and this is what they would agree to! Also, German's love any excuse to go outside and drink beer, hence all of the fairs. Besides, today is German Reunification Day and nothing else was open.

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