Sunday, February 28, 2010


Since the oldest was at a Model UN conference in Stuttgart and the hubby is working in Munich for the 15th straight day in a row, the little one and I (well mostly I) thought it was time to get out of the house and go see something. We decided to go to Bamberg which is about a half an hour away from us.

Wikipedia tells us:

Bamberg is a town in Bavaria, Germany. It is located in Upper Franconia on the river Regnitz, close to its confluence with the river Main. Bamberg is one of the few cities in Germany that was not destroyed by World War II bombings because of a nearby Artillery Factory that prevented planes from getting near to Bamberg. Bamberg is home to nearly 7,000 foreign nationals, including over 4,100 members of the United States Army and their dependents. The name Bamberg is supposed to have its origin in the House of Babenberg.

We parked near the canal/river and made our way to the older part of the city with the pedestrian zone. We headed toward the "Altes Rathaus" (Old City Hall).

Of the bridges connecting the sections of the lower town, a very interesting one is the Obere Brücke, completed in 1455. Halfway across this, on an island, is the Rathaus or City Hall (rebuilt 1744-1756).

From the other side of the Rathaus:

Johann Jakob Michael Kuchel, designed the City Hall in the years 1744 to 1756 in the Baroque and Rococo style . John Anwander painted murals in 1755 on both sides of the building which are complete with allegorical scenes and architectural details, the typical illusion painting in this period. Small, indeed figurative elements designed to reinforce the eastern side of the spatial impression.

3D Detail!
Bamberg Dom (Cathedral)

Some building details...

Another view from one of the many bridges...

We did a little shopping among the many pedestrian streets...

A modern sculpture...

There is supposed to be an interesting kind of beer called "Rauchbier" (smoked beer) that Bamberg is famous for...I didn't get to try it. Maybe the hubby will return there with me some day.

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C N Heidelberg said...

I love Bamberg! It's so pretty! The Rauchbier is not bad but you should only get it if it's on tap - it's not so hot bottled.