Thursday, February 11, 2010


Someone asked me if Valentine's Day was a big thing in Germany. I would say, no, not really...kind of like Halloween is here. The big holiday right now is "Fasching" (kind of like Carneval or Mardi Gras). Many stores had some displays of heart shaped gifty items or chocolates. I had to go to 5 stores to find Valentine's Day cards...there really aren't any "Card Stores" can get cards at the Drug Store or Supermarket or Bookstore.

But we did see a some unique German Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day:

Clockwise from Lower left:
  • Käseteller (Cheese Plate) with heart shaped cheese slices
  • Landliebe gift pack - assorted Puddings in heart shaped container
  • Heiße Herz - Breaded something with berries
  • Coeur du Valierie - some other kind of cheese

Only Germany would have Valentine's Cheese.

The little one made some Valentine's cards for the relatives... she used the standard method of taking 8 1/2 x 11" card stock and folding it in half and decorating them. We have envelopes that fit said cards. Evidently this puts the cards into the XXL size for the Post Office...they went from 1.70 Euros to 6.00 Euros to send to the USA! Ack!

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Beth said...

Hmm, I guess Cupid likes cheese: Heisse Herzen or Hot Hearts are breaded fried cheese patties filled with cranberry puree- heart-shaped naturlich.