Thursday, May 20, 2010

What we have here... a failure to communicate! This is what happens when you take two people who's native language is not German and have them communicate in German.

Today I went to the new Thai Take-out place down the street for lunch. One of their specials was "Nudeln Box To Go" and you can get that in Klein (small) or Groß (large).
So I said to the lady at the counter "Klein Noodle Box To Go"....and she said "blah blah blah Groß Nudeln Box To Go?" and I said "Klein". So they start cooking noodles/veggies/chicken and then they said 'Ein Bisschen mehr" as they start to cook a little more noodles...that is when I notice that they think I ordered 3 Noodle boxes to go! Argh! I would tell them, no, I only want one, but I did that the last time when they thought I ordered 2 of the special! I don't want them to hate me so I decide why not have noodles for dinner too!

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Amy said...

LOL - hope they're tasty! :)