Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hiking near Egloffstein

My friend "L" and I went for a hike on Friday in a town called Egloffstein. The hike near here claimed to have a "Rock Window" and also walk along the Cherry Trees.

We started down in the village but had to make to to the "Burg" (Castle) waaaay up there on the top.

Up up up the stairs!

Huff...puff...we made it!

At the top there is a little church:

Not too far is the Felsentor:

View from high above:

Then we started walking by the Cherry Blossoms:

...and the dandelion fields...

We veered into the woods...

The Snails are out...

and so are the flowers!

Finally back down the hill!


Amy said...

very pretty!!

NannyOgg said...


Thanks for sharing your hike with us, it looks stunningly beautiful!


Lucinda Schwaiger said...

I really miss hiking with you Stacey. Two weeks ago we were in this area and drove around to see many of the wells and springs decorated for Easter. It brought back many fond memories or our hikes together. Love, Lucinda