Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup Fever!

Germans are usually pretty cautious about outward displays of Nationalism since the end of the Second World War. On Reunification Day (the day West and East Germany were united), the closest thing to a holiday celebrating the German Nation, you will not see German Flags waving all about like you would on the 4th of July in the USA.

But when it comes to supporting their soccer team, it is a whole 'nother story!
The FIFA World Cup (of soccer) Tournament started on Friday and for weeks we have been seeing German/soccer themed merchandise for sale (and being worn):

You might expect bags and hats:

but you can also get flip-flops:

and I could decide if I should get the False Eyelashes or the Bunny Ears?

Many companies also allude to the World cup in their markenting.
One would expect beer companies to market (complete with Vuvuzela, the ubiquitous, obnoxious South African noise-making horn) with soccer.

but you can also get your German Soccer apples:

and giant Chocolate Soccer balls:

You can pick your favorite teams' Granola Bar:

and then have some Soccer Yogurt:

and have some soccer ketchup:

While watching the game you can munch on some some Black/Red/Gold Gummi Bears:

and after you could plant some nice Soccer Herbs??

and finally, you could end your day in the bathroom with your shower gel:

and then

For more info on the World Cup see:
Thanks to 50% of My DNA for the blog idea.


cliff1976 said...


My favorites are the flip-flops and eyelashes.

Plan on wearing yours to the WEBMU? :-)

Amy said...

LOL, that was great! What did you buy? I want the giant chocolate soccer ball. ;)

tqe | Adam said...

I want toilet paper!!!!