Sunday, July 4, 2010

Huckepack Pick-Your-Own Farm

The International Women's Group had an outing to the Huckepack Pick-Your-Own farm, or as they call it, "experience harvests". We are surrounded by farmlands, but never knew I could get such access to fresh fruits and veggies. There is also a little "nature playground" where they seem to have an area for BBQ, a petting zoo, hay bales to climb on and the like.

Right now you can pick lettuce, strawberries, currants, raspberries, kohlrabi, fennel, cucumbers, bell peppers, hot peppers, eggplant, cabbage and beans.
We are going to go back for raspberries, blackberries and blueberries soon.

Cucumbers growing Vertically:

Cuke Close-up:

Tomatoes aren't ripe yet:

Lots of Lettuce!

A whole bunch of...some vegetable of some sort.

Now we get to the good part...Strawberries!

Also you can get fresh eggs:

You go into a little house and there are little bins that you can lift up the lids and see if there are any eggs there. Here is a blurry picture with the lid up and you can see where the eggs come out and chickens peeking at you!

Evidently there is milk available too. Even the cows are getting into the World Cup spirit! :-)

What we got:

Beans, cucumbers, a kohlrabi, and eggplant and:

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Frankonia said...

The "some vegetable of some sort" looks like white cabbage. For coleslaw, Sauerkraut, stuffed cabbage rolls (Krautwickel), ...