Friday, July 9, 2010


My German teacher had told us about a medieval town called Dinkelsbühl that is supposed to like Rothenberg ob der Tauber but less touristy. If I haven't blogged about Rothenberg ob der Tauber (one of the cutest German towns ever) I will have to remedy that.

Dinkelsbühl is still surrounded by the old medieval walls and towers and is very typical for a German town of the 15th to early 17th century.

The walls have many towers.

We had ice cream here...

The Deutsches Haus (third house from the left) , the ancestral home of the counts of Drechsel-Deufstetten, is a fine specimen of the German renaissance style of wooden architecture.

St. George's church tower that we climbed allllll the way up.

Inside St. George's...

Door inside the church...

Closeup of the hinges...

View from the tower.

Another tower.


Dinky Dinkelsbühl

Woernitz gate.

I would agree that it is less seems a town that people actually live in and there are less "Schneeball" shops and "Knight" shop and trinkets and the like. There were some Potteries and a shop with wood carving and nativity figures that were of interest.


C N Heidelberg said...

I really liked Dinkelsbuehl. But we went to Rothenburg the next day and could see why it was more touristy! It really was even better. (Except for all the tourists, but we went at a good time of year so there weren't so many.)

Amy said...

What a beautiful town! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Blopper said...

I kind of agree...I am a tourist so I don't mind it being a little more touristy!