Sunday, September 26, 2010

Die Lillach: Ein Kalktuffbach

We took a hike (about 5km round trip) along a creek with some interesting properties. It is a "Kalktuffback" which means a Limestone "Tuff" Brook..."Tuff" being a term meaning "porous rock formed as deposits in underground streams or springs." So the lime in the water builds up on the bottom of the stream and makes for interesting little stepped waterfalls.

Here is an example of the stepped falls:

This is another example but it is covered by a lot of foliage:

We also looked at (but didn't pick!) mushrooms and funghi along the way:

and also found lots of pretty little flowers:

We walked until we got to the sources, the Lillachquelle (Lillach spring)

On the way back we walked through Weißenohe where we saw the following painting on a barn wall:

We stopped for lunch at the Klosterbrauerei (Cloister Brewery) Weißenohe:

and had some of the beer brewed there.


vicki said...

There's another nice hike near Weißenohe to the Teufelstisch (Devil's Table).

Chris said...

Hi Julie,

Your nature photos are really nice. I like the wildflowers particularly. The wife and I had a nice hike recently around the Isenburg ruins near Hattingen similar to what you described, with a great view from the front of the ruins down to the Ruhr river. It was a bit of a climb to get up the hill but the views were worth it.