Saturday, September 18, 2010


Today the In-laws were in town and we took a day trip to Würzburg which is about an hour away from Erlangen. We started with the Würzburg Residenz which is a Baroque palace built in about 1740.

Behind the Residenz are the Court Gardens. Access to all the gardens was cut off because they are filming.

We asked what they were filming and were told "The Three Musketeers" but Orlando Bloom is not on set today. Orlando Bloom? Sounds like a real movie!
There were extras waiting for their big moment.

Next we headed over the Alte Mainbrücke (Old Main Bridge) with its statues of Saints.

Lucky us it was "Stadtfest" (city fest) that day and fish were available for purchase.

How about crepes instead?

Then we climbed up Up UP to the Marienberg Fortress.

View of Würzburg from the fortress.

I guess this is where the moat would be.

More views from above.

Looking toward the vinyards.

Then we headed toward the "Dom" (Cathedral)

Inside the Dom.

Outside on the street...


Amy said...

All very beautiful! Thanks for bringing us with you on your travels once again. :)

Liz Kraft said...

JEEZ! Your photos look like postcards! WHAT KIND OF CAMERA ARE YOU USING, LADY??? ;) Looks like you've found your next calling, Stacey!!!

Blopper said...

I use a Sony Alapha Digital SLR camera. Thanks!