Friday, June 24, 2011

I can't wait for:

Cold Stone Creamery
Library with the drop off box
Garbage Disposals
Ice Makers
Big Freezers
Free Water at Restaurants
Big Parking spaces
Cheap Gas
Diet Snapple Ice Tea
Shopping on Sundays
Shopping after 8:00 at night
Mexican Food
More than one choice of movies in English at the theater
Panera Bread
Waiters who bring you the check
Chocolate Chips
Proper Brown Sugar
Pumpkin Pie
Seeing family
Old Friends


Mark Brunson said...

gas <$3.50/gal. right now

Mark Brunson said...

& I miss Panera Bread too. never thought I'd say that. they don't have them here in Pueblo. we got Panera box lunches for volunteering at Cheyenne Mountain Trail Maintenance, the lunches were delicious and huge! have to go to fancy-town (Springs) for Panera

Blopper said...

It is like Euro 1.45 a liter here which is about $8 dollars a gallon.

lytha said...

what a great list but now i'm sobbing..

i would add:

* A/C in summer
* chatty clerks
* smiling strangers
* PNW microbrews
* 7-11 food
* tossing a water bottle or pop can into the trash instead of lugging bags of empties back to the stores
* good steak
* bulk items at warehouse stores
* bacon
* wilderness
* buying medicine at a grocery store (on a sunday)

Blopper said...

Bulk items: There is store called Metro that is a Costco crossed with a Target. I think you have to have some sort of business to be able to go though.

Bacon: They have some american style bacon that isn't too bad.