Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Signs of confusion

Those Pictogram signs are supposed to be understood by people of all nations because they use pictures, not words, right?
This sign was outside a church in Munich.

No Smoking, check. No Ice Cream (food), natch. Keep those cell phones off and out of respect don't wear hats. No problem.
But what about that fourth picture?
1) No pants?
2) Keep your hands out of your pockets?
3) Don't be doing anything naughty with your hands in your pockets?


Mark Brunson said...

(2) it is odd, but that is apparently what they mean, due to proper decorum or perhaps security considerations, hands in pockets is verboten

Beth said...

Mark's idea makes good sense.I thought maybe it had to do with jingling change. But, I think it has more to do with decorum. It is more acceptable to put your elbows on the table than to keep your hands in your lap.

Beth said...

Does Germany have laws against driving while cell-phoning, or eating? Are people more discreet in their use of cells?