Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sweet Sixteen

The oldest just turned 16! Instead of having a "sweet sixteen" party, she wanted to take a couple of friends to an outdoor festival/concert to see William Fitzsimmons at Bob's Sound of the Forest Festival. Yay me I get to take them because the hubby will be travelling to Qatar. The little one got out of going by arranging for a sleepover.

Back in NJ the oldest would usually want the "Seven Layer Caramel Cake" from Caroline's Cakes...she discovered this when my brother (who used to live in Maryland) sent us one time.

For my birthday she had made a German Chocolate Cake (made from a mix bought from the Air Force base PX as evidently German Chocolate Cake doesn't really exist in Germany)...she said that would count as her cake too...but I said you need to also have something on your birthday so she said she would like Brownies (Betty Crocker from our local Rewe supermarket w/ the little American section). They came out a little flat (okay alot flat) so she used some icing to make little brownie sandwiches.
Bonus Picture:
Neat sunset viewed from our back patio.


Beth said...

The 'German' in German Chocolate Cake has nothing to do with Germany, but was named for the person it was originally concocted for.

vicki said...

How did you get on the USAF base? We've been told you need to know someone in the military. Bob's dying to go shopping at the PX.

Blopper said...

My girls were visiting their cousin up in Trier who is in the USAF...unfortunately he just moved back to the U.S. so that was our one and only shot at the PX (the girls also got Aunt Jemima syrup).