Tuesday, April 21, 2009

München and Neuschwanstein (Part 1)

The in-laws were here so we thought we would go on a more ambitious excursion. Our plan was to drive to München (Munich), stay over night there, and then drive down to the castle Neuschwanstein. We would then drive up the "Romantic Road" and stop in a town along the way for a meal and then end up in Rothenburg ob der Tauber, known for its well-preserved medieval old town. We didn't end up in Rothenburg, but we managed the rest of the itinerary.
The hubby was working in Munich on Thursday, so I got to do the driving. All the other times I have been to Munich there was some snoozing going on on my part, but not this time! My experience on the Autobahn is this:

There are three lanes on this Autobahn.
The right lane consists of trucks going about 100kmh.
If there is not too much traffic, one stays in the right lane and passes the trucks on occasion.
Unlike the U.S., where you might typically hang out in a lane, in Germany you really are expected to get to the right as much as you can.

Unfortunately there was more traffic.

So I would be in the middle lane, trying to go about 120kmh (~72mph). Then one of the trucks would decide that the truck in front of it is going too slow, so it would jump out and pass. But it is only going 105kmh to go around that 100kmh truck...which means....surprise! A truck in front of you. Then you need to make a decision...what is coming faster? That mercedes in the left lane going 140+kmh or the truck in front of you going 105kmh. Aaauugh! Keep that up for about 2 hours.

But we get to see giant wind turbines and lovely farms where we imagine they are growing hops?

Our first stop in Munich was the Viktualienmarkt (Victual Market, i.e., permanent outdoor farmer market) that was not too far from Marienplatz (Tourist central of Munich). See my post on Marienplatz for more on Marienplatz.

There are some permanent Metzgerei (Butchers) shops as you enter the Viktualienmarkt.

There are Produce stands and Cheese stands and Wine stands of all sorts. We nibbled our way through the market.

Wierd sorts of fruits...

...and of course, seasonal items such as SPARGEL (white asparagus) and strawberries. More on Spargel in another post! (German's love them some spargel).
We also found a great second hand clothing store, Kleidermarkt, where I got a OctoberfestyGermanyish leather jacket and the girls found a few things.
We had dinner at a Thai place called Yum Thai Kitchen and Bar, which the hubby had been to before. Thai food in Germany? Yes, because we have been having alot of German food all week!

Next Post...Neuschwanstein!

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Beth said...

Mein Gott! You survived the Autobahn. They should have a T-shirt.