Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Osterbaum (Easter Tree)

One of the traditions of Germany is "Easter Trees"...more like Easter bushes, really!

Journey-to-Germany says:

"These Easter trees are either made of branches cut from pussy willows or other flowering bushes or are small living trees and bushes that are already planted around the house.
In the case of the cut branches, they are usually brought in the house and put in a vase to be decorated with hand painted wooden eggs, hollowed out real eggs and little garlands. In the same way, the living trees and bushes outside the house are also decorated with plastic, wooden or real painted eggs and wreaths. It makes for a splash of colour in otherwise often gray spring days, giving the towns and cities a more festive atmosphere.
Of course little Easter chocolate eggs are also left by the big Easter Bunny (Osterhase) around bushes and trees for kids to find on Easter Sunday. Another tradition introduced in North America by Germans settlers."

An Easter tree in our neighborhood

Even the mini-golf has Easter trees!


Lynda said...

Cute - Are you going to dye eggs this year?

Blopper said...

We will dye eggs if we can find some white ones...mostly they have brown ones!

beth said...

You could paint the brownies.

beth said...

Ach,es ist auch Spargelzeit! I'll send you green recipes.