Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Unpacking Chaos

The movers came bright and early at 7:45am, parking in their designated parking spot.
They were finished unpacking the shipping container by about 2:00pm.

The kitchen:

The Living Room:

The office:

The older one's room:

The younger one's room:

On Tuesday they came and unpacked most of the the rest of the boxes that we didn't get to (like the kitchen and Living room). There are many things we are still trying to find out where they go!


Lynda said...

All the wires alone are intimidating!
Do the girls have time off from school this week or next?

Blopper said...

They are off both weeks. Mary and Richard are coming out on 4/13 after a stop at JR's.

Lynda said...

Hope everyone has a great Easter!

ablh210 said...

Where is the furniture in the pics? All I saw are boxes!!!