Thursday, March 26, 2009

As you walk in the house

Someone asked what does it look like in our house as you walk in the front door?

If you look to the right:

On the right is an extra bedroom/office. It is empty at the moment, awaiting furniture.
On the left is the downstairs bathroom.
If you look to the left:
The bathroom is on the right, and the stairs to the basement and 2nd floor (known as the 1st floor here in Europe) are on the left. If you go down the hall to the left you can also access the kitchen or the stairs that lead upstairs.


ablh210 said...

bet you can't wait for furniture

Blopper said...

Don't you know it. The only table surface we have the kitchen table so it is the table/desk/place to put stuff!

ablh210 said...

Where is the living room? Are the 3 bedrooms you are going to use upstairs? What is in the basement?