Thursday, March 19, 2009

Haus (House)

Our house is a Doppelhaushälfte which is really just a Duplex. The landlord lady lives in the other half next door.
As you can see there is almost no front yard to speak of but there is a back yard. When they renovated the house, they did not finish the outside work as it was winter. We are still waiting for a driveway, backyard, patio and balcony.
You can see our wooden "walkway" that we use to get to the front door (which is on the side of the house.)

Most of the houses on our street are duplexes as well.


ablh210 said...

Cool looking front door. Since you had to put in the kitchen, is it done? What does it look like?

Blopper said...

Actually, the landlord put it in but is charging us more in rent.
Pictures of the kitchen will be tomorrow's post!

Emma said...

I'm enjoying these Stacey, fascinating to watch your new life unfold! Keep posting.

Lynda said...

What does the front door open into? A hall or right into living room?

Rick said...

That looks like a nice house in a decent neighborhood - are you liking it?

Blopper said...

We are enjoying will be even better when there is some more furniture in it! I can't wait for a desk.