Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I guess it is a slow times for German Car Dealers too....

The hubby leased a Audi A6. They said at the dealership that you can get it delivered from the factory for €300-400 or a salesdude would pick you up and take you to the factory in Ingolstadt for free. Hubby chose the free option.

At the Audi Factory:

"Visit the Customer Center of Audi Forum Ingolstadt and Welcome to the heart of Audi! The Customer Center of Audi Forum Ingolstadt lies at the vibrant epicenter of Audi. This is where you will take delivery of your new Audi! It is a direct expression of our philosophy and an effective medium for communicating the fascination of the Audi world. The Customer Center, “Audi museum mobile”, the “Market and Customer” building and the expansive Piazza, with their open design and transparent architecture, lend a unique flair. Before our customers take delivery of their new Audi at the Customer Center of Audi Forum Ingolstadt, we welcome our customers to take a 120 minute guided tour of our factory and visit our world famous historical museum. This is when our customers will experience a vivid insight into Audi’s philosophy, views and heritage. Thereafter, our customers will have a professional “walk around” of their new Audi and will learn how to operate their new vehicle and get a complete understanding of all features and benefits included with this incredible automobile. A fascinating experience to add to the excitement of your new car."

But we guess the salesmen were not too busy at the dealer because they decided to get the hubby customized plates.
ER= Erlangen (this is standard, your city is the first 1-3 characters)
then His initials
then His birth year


ablh210 said...

I've always like the look of an Audi. How does it ride? So have you had your first lesson driving a manual transmission? Not hard unless there are hills with stop signs or lights at the top or middle of them. Keep me posted.

Blopper said...

The Hubby has been in Munich or Morrocco or working late since he got it so I haven't gotten to ride or drive in it yet(I did get to sit in it).

ablh210 said...

Morrocco as it Africa?

Blopper said...

Yes, Morocco is in the North West part of Africa, just below Spain.

Nelly said...

On a sidenote: I would not post the entire registration plate on here. Edit half of it. You never know who is reading.