Friday, March 20, 2009

Küche (Kitchen)

As I mentioned before, normally European houses/apartments come in no kitchen appliances/counters/cabinets/closets/light-fixtures. As our house was being completely renovated, the landlord gave us the option of having her install a kitchen, but then us paying a higher monthly rent instead.

On the right is the cooktop...this has an induction cook top which seems to heat up quickly and is a snap to clean. It requires pots made of ferrous (iron) material...I just test it by seeing if a magnet sticks to the pot.

We have alot of cabinet space...but the refrigerator is small! Can you spot it?

Until the chairs that go with the kitchen table arrive, we have some how ended up with orange chairs! They give a little color to the room. We are lucky to have an eat-in kitchen.
This is the only table surface in the house so this is also where my computer is set up.


ablh210 said...

Kitchen looks pretty spaceous and nice considering the ones I've seen on HGTV. PS. what is the price of gas?

Blopper said...

Gas is around 1 Euro per Liter, which turns out to be around $5.11 per gallon.

Lynda said...

Refrigerator reminds me of the kind we used to have in the dorms in my day.